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To a lot of people, having a real estate portfolio is the ultimate dream. In fact, many of the world’s most affluent individuals acquired their wealth through real estate investments. However, to be successful, one has to arm themselves with correct information and guidance from trusted sources. One has to seek the right opportunities, employ the correct strategies, and execute at the right time. In addition, building on what you have acquired will help you get the most out of your real estate portfolio.

At MRG we are committed to helping you achieve your dreams. Be it land or property, our team will guide you from beginning to end by employing the following action plan:

  1. Meet with the client to discuss goals/objectives, price, commission, desired locations, size, amenities, timeline etc and any related issues. At this meeting, proof of funds I.E bank statements or a mortgage approval letter would be presented. If these are not available, financing options would be discussed.
  2. Meet the client at the real-estate attorney’s office to sign the buyer’s agent agreement and any related documentation.
  3. Do a thorough search of available properties that meet the required criteria and email or present them to the buyer.
  4. Meet the client at the various locations for a walk-through where all questions can be answered.
  5. Present all offers to the sellers after intelligent negotiations to achieve the best price.
  6. Once the property goes into escrow we would bring in inspectors, appraisers and surveyors as needed to ensure it is a sound investment.
  7. Vet all sellers and property titles to ascertain authenticity using the real- estate attorney and oversee all negotiations and transactions.
  8. Close the deal in a timely manner. On this date the lawyer registers the transfer of ownership with the ministry of lands and title deeds will be transferred. Finally, all monies owed would be paid.

Like any other business venture, a profit or loss can be made by investing in real estate. You could end up reaping huge returns or it could end up being a disastrous affair. Mitigate your risk by partnering with the right individuals who will help you make smart decisions from beginning to end. We look forward to working with you.

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