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Planning to put up your Home for Sale? This is a must Read for Tips By Jerome M Muriuki When putting a home up for sale, people do so with the hope the house will sell immediately with no hustle whatsoever. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. Before a house is listed, there are […]

9th September 2019  

How Infrastructure Investments Impact Property Values in an Area By Jerome M Muriuki One of the major enablers of economic development in the real estate sector is infrastructure. As such, the government is continuously trying to make improvements in the country especially when it comes to development of transport and utility frameworks. These inputs lead […]

11th August 2019  

Where to Put your Money in Kenya’s Real Estate in 2019 and Beyond By Jerome M Muriuki Kenya’s real estate sector is set for a grand rebound in 2019. This is at a time when there is speculation about a real estate market bubble in the high-end market segment, whose supply is more than the […]

29th July 2019  

PROPER LAND BUYING PROCESS IN KENYA By Jerome M Muriuki Land is the most valuable fixed asset available for sale today and is one of the most expensive purchases any individual or entity will ever make. With this in mind, and taking into account the numerous land buying scams that have proliferated in kenya, following […]

14th July 2019  

Impacts of the Affordable Housing Agenda on Kenya’s Real Estate Sector By Jerome M Muriuki In a presidential speech held in 2018, His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta detailed to Kenyans his five-year development plan namely The Big 4 Agenda. The first pillar is manufacturing which will ensure 15% of GDP comes from the manufacturing sector. […]

27th June 2019  

NEGATIVE IMPACT OF PROJECT DEVELOPMENT ON THE ENVIRONMENT PART 2 As we continue looking at the negative impact of unregulated property development in Kenya, part two of the series will focus on factors outside the scope of pollution. By Jerome M Muriuki Deforestation The largest negative impact of property development on the environment is deforestation. […]

13th June 2019  

Advantages of Buying Property Off-Plan By Jerome M Muriuki One of the rising trends in Kenyan real-estate over the past few years has been the purchase of property using the off-plan method. An off-plan property purchase occurs when a buyer acquires property that is yet to be constructed or is in mid-construction. While some consider […]

2nd June 2019  

NEGATIVE IMPACTS OF PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT ON THE ENVIRONMENT – PART 1 By Jerome M Muriuki With the rapid increase in urbanization and industrialization in Kenya, there is no doubt the country’s revenue has increased exponentially. Numerous people have been lifted out of poverty and their lives improved by the new jobs created. While these are […]

20th May 2019  

Quick guide on factors to consider when buying a home By Jerome M Muriuki Nearly every person has the dream of one day owning a home be it through building or purchasing a ready-made one. While appreciating that people have distinct preferences when it comes to choosing a home that suits them, the bottom line […]

6th May 2019  

Mixed-Use Developments – The Next Frontier in Real Estate Investments By Jerome M Muriuki Over the past several years, numerous commercial and residential buildings have been built in different parts of the country. Economic critics have however been quick to note that most of these buildings remain vacant – the rate at which they are […]

29th April 2019  

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